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Issue #65 – September 2018
Message from the editor

You know it’s nearly Christmas when the mangoes are being sold by the road and the rambutan are starting to gear up.

Many government branches close down for a few days in the Christmas/new year period. Visit the DPIR website for office closure details, including key contacts for the different branches and facilities.

Stay safe and I hope to see you all in 2019.

CGMMV research update


DPIR has been undertaking research on Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV) over the past few years.


Sweet Spot Project kicks off (gets moo-ving) across the north


The Cash Cow project found that there was an opportunity to improve breeder performance in some areas of Northern Australia. Previous research has focused on disease, herd management and genetics, but little is known about how different levels of pasture utilisation impact breeder productivity.


An experts opinion on future northern Australia rainfall due to climate

Sky, clouds and palm trees

When it comes to predicted climate change in northern Australia, there is a lot of uncertainty about how rainfall might change, which is not very helpful because rainfall is the most important driver of agriculture!


Nominations open for Rural Women’s Award

DPIR Asian honey bee surveillance officers.

Territory women can nominate now for the 2019 AgrifuturesTM Rural Women’s Award.


In brief: NT Young Farmers group

The NT Young Farmers is a dynamic new group for young farmers and agricultural professionals to network with one another and voice opinions. Spanning across all production industries including turf, vegetables, seafood and packing, this group is about meeting other young people in a social setting, making connections and building relationships.

Doris, the new face of potted colour

Doris Marcsik

Looking for some potted colour for Christmas? Two new curcuma hybrids, Doris and Houlty, are now available at Bunnings.


In brief: Citrus canker identified in Nakara

Citrus Canker disease

Another citrus plant infected with citrus canker disease has been detected in Darwin. A member of the community reported the suspected disease symptoms to the citrus canker hotline, and the department has confirmed the disease.


Plant Health Inspectors: Biosecurity knowledge and expertise with a heart

Plant Health Inspectors

An enthusiastic and diverse team of Plant Health Inspectors is the public face of the program to eradicate citrus canker in the NT.


Industrial hemp: a future prospect for the NT?

Hemp seeds

Industrial hemp legislation is currently being drafted to enable a new commodity to establish and operate in the NT. If the legislation passes, and following the creation of supporting regulation. The Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) intends to work with primary producers to help familiarise them with the crop, learn from others in the developing industry, and determine if there is an opportunity for them in that space.


In brief: 2018 Melon Conference

The 2018 Australian Melon Industry Conference and Field Day was held on 17-20 September. Department of Primary Industry and Resources staff Dr Lucy Tran-Nguyen and Dr Mary Finlay attended the conference and presented some of their work on Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV).

Profitable Grazing Systems

Profitable Grazing Systems

Over the years, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and other organisations have run numerous field days, workshops and other training events to share information but many producers have indicated that they would like more support to build their skills and implement what they’ve learnt into their business. The new ‘Profitable Grazing Systems’ initiative from MLA is designed to provide that.


Northern Territory Soil Consortium


Territory Natural Resource Management has been successful in obtaining a Smart Farms Small Grant through the Australian Governments National Landcare Program. The grant will be used to initiate an Northern Territory Soil Consortium to build land manager capacity and knowledge in soil health and conservation.


Make sure your animals are cyclone ready

Prepare your pets

Pet and livestock owners are reminded to make sure their animals are prepared for emergencies this wet season. Whether you own a canine, feline, equine or anything in between – it pays to be prepared.


Small trees, large potential?

Prepare your pets

The use of dwarfing rootstocks and high density plantings is nothing new for fruit crops. These cropping systems have been used for decades in stonefruit and pipfruit to drive efficiencies and returns for growers. It is, however, a new concept for terminal bearing evergreen fruit crops such as mango and avocado. The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF) recently hosted a field day at their Walkamin Research Facility to discuss their research into rootstocks and high density plantings.


Setting the facts straight on glyphosate


Recently there has been a lot of noise in the media about the negative health effects of glyphosate. This article aims to summarise the key aspects and provide information to growers in the NT regarding this issue. The full article is available on LinkedIn.

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New Principal Veterinary Officer

Tony Kettle

Dr Anthony Kettle (Tony) is a graduate of Massey University in New Zealand and had his own practice in Sydney for 10 years before moving to practice in Brunei for three years, and Oman for four years.

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Livestock disease investigations

The department provides a free disease investigation service to livestock owners for diagnosis of notifiable emergency, exotic and endemic disease, including zoonotic diseases. Berrimah Veterinary Laboratories provide free diagnostic testing for exclusion of notifiable diseases for all disease investigations, and subsidies are available for producers to contact private veterinarians for significant disease investigations in livestock.
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The Golden Calf: suspected novel metabolic storage disease in a Brahman heifer

This report describes the findings in an approximately six month old Brahman heifer calf from a property near Katherine, with progressive nervous system signs.
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Annual Symposium Emergency Animal Disease highlights report

The 5th Annual Emergency Animal Disease (EAD) Symposium was held at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory Geelong, on 17 and 18 October 2018 with more than 100 attendees over the two days.
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Bucks for Brains

Bucks for Brains is an initiative of the National Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Surveillance Project (NTSESP) run through Animal Health Australia. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies are rare, fatal diseases that cause gradual deterioration in the brain and other central nervous system tissues. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as ‘mad cow’ disease is the form found in cattle, scrapie is the form found in sheep.
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2018 audit of NT brands register

2018 audit paperwork has been sent out to registered owner/s of Northern Territory (NT) Brands, to the last known address listed in the NT Brands register.
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BOM three month climate forecast summary

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) releases monthly climate outlooks, and videos on their website every three months.
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Remote communities get connected

More Territorians in remote areas now have access to mobile and broadband services thanks to the NT Government/Telstra Remote Telecommunications Co-Investment Program.
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Pastoral Market Update – December 2018

December 2018

Dear subscriber

The Pastoral Market Update (PMU) is a document published monthly by the Department of Primary Industry and Resources to provide information on livestock exports from the Port of Darwin and interstate cattle movements.

Historical records for previous exports are available from the department’s website.

PMU November 2018
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