CHO Directions – some initial advice

Dear Members and Guests,

An update from Luke Bowen (NTG)

We anticipate the first instalment of Q&A sheets to be arriving on your email very soon.

In their absence I have attached the new CHO Directions. Note that the “essential” worker provisions are contained in Direction 39, Schedule 1 (X). I regret to say we have been unsuccessful in getting the abattoir worker exclusion removed!

I would advise reading the full list of “essential workers” as there is a range of key sectors beyond agriculture, in areas such as freight, food services and distribution as well as the care of unattended animals. Note that the provisions around construction remain the same in that they can only be for emergency works Schedule 1, (ZH).

Given our previous experience a couple of months ago and what seems to be emerging I have the following advice:

It is likely that crossing from red zone to green will be problematic. While people may be essential there may be a higher test applied on the border. If there is no alternative to staying put, I would recommend solid evidence in order to make a case (with no guarantees) including:

  1. Evidence of who you are
  2. Employment / nature of work and letter or other supporting evidence from employer or business
  3. Essential / criticality of the work with reference to the CHO directions
  4. Copy of the CHO directions
  5. COVID management plan / procedures being followed

The department have set up a 24 hour call centre and the number is 1800 193 111

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the lockdown please don’t hesitate to call me on 0400 107 223.

Kind regards,

Louise Bilato

Executive Officer

NT Buffalo Industry Council Inc.

PO Box 36828

Winnellie NT 0821

Ph: 0400 107 223

ABN: 34 355 734 719


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