Buffalo news from the NT, Australia-wide and the world.

In international trade of processed beef, there is no distinction between beef from buffalo or from cattle. Both are classed as "meat from bovine animals".  In live export, there is a distinction between buffalo and cattle.

NT market updates

Australian market updates

Global market updates

The NT Department of Primary Industries publishes a monthly update collating movements of livestock, including buffalo, in the NT - click here to access this resource.

To subscribe to the monthly NT Pastoral Market Update, click here

The NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources releases livestock movement statistics twice a year, based on returned waybills.  This site also contains estimates of numbers of buffalo on NT properties identified by their Property Identification Code.

ABARES maintains an up-to-date, detailed livestock export database that can be downloaded in Excel format and from which can be extracted information on species numbers exported and ports, including Darwin, where they were loaded.

ABARES provides an Australian perspective on markets for and production trends of its agricultural commodities: click here
The Australian Bureau of Statistics publishes quarterly data on the number of livestock exported from Australia, as well as domestic livestock numbers.

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) publishes a monthly report on the statistics trends in the live animal export industry. The publication is known as LiveLink.

Dr Ross Ainsworth's  The Southeast Asian Beef Market report publishes a very informative monthly update on markets throughout SE Asia and China.

The SEA Beef Report can also be found at the Beef Central website.

These sites include translations of the SEA Beef Report in Indonesian and Vietnamese.


The World Bank provides a global perspective on agricultural commodity markets : follow this link
The global trends in beef price: click here or here
source: tradingeconomics.com
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