NT Livestock Act – Review

Dear NTBIC Members,


Thank you very much to those members who have already provided feedback on the review of the NT Livestock Act.

There are 38 questions in the discussion paper and you can go online and answer one or all of the questions independently, if interested.

Alternatively, I encourage you to read the Buffalo Fact Sheet (attached) which highlights what some of the proposed changes will mean for the buffalo industry and let me know what your issues or concerns are.

Some of the questions are:

Q5. Should the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) standards apply to buffalo?

Q6 Do you think the current NT Livestock movement system (NT Waybill) is an effective and efficient system for livestock movement?

Q7 Should other nationally integrated systems such as the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) be adopted as an alternative or replacement?

Q8 Should the NT livestock movement system provide for the transition to fully electronic in the future (e-livestock movement system)?

Q9 Would fully electronic platforms provide greater efficiency and /or increase biosecurity traceability capability for your business?

Q11 Should penalty offences apply if false declaration is made by persons completing the NT Health Certificate and Waybill?

Q13 Do you support notice of entry requirements (including conditions of entry) to be mandatory before entering a neighbouring property to muster and retrieve stray livestock?

Q14 If you are a property owner, what steps do you thik should be followed to enable agreed entry to your property to muster and retrieve stray livestock?

Q15 Do you support that a NT Waybill, application of a NLIS device (if not currently tagged) and a corresponding NLIS transfer be required for cattle and buffalo returned from a neighbouring property with adjoining boundaries to a property where the cattle or buffalo are usually kept?

Q17 Do you agree that a more proactive approach be explored to allow for faster responses to emerging disease threats?

Q33 Do you have a view with regards to appropriate fees and charges being necessary to help fund vital services provided to the livestock industry?

Q38 Would using infringement notices (fines) for more serious compliance breaches provide a better alternative to enforcement before initiating prosecution?

I welcome your comments.

Kind regards,

Louise Bilato

IMconcepts Pty Ltd

PO Box 1416

Berrimah NT 0828

Phone: (08) 89413211

ABN: 21 009 634 879

Discussion Paper – Livestock Biosecurity Legislative Framework Review September 2021.pdf
Livestock Act Review 2021 – Buffalo Fact Sheet.pdf

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