Stand by what you sell post-webinar: Northern Territory

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Subject: Stand by what you sell post-webinar: Northern Territory

Red Meat Integrity System Update

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Integrity system resources for

Northern Territory livestock producers

Thank you for registering for the ISC webinar for Northern Territory producers yesterday. If you registered and were unable to attend, please see the below link to the webinar recording. Keep reading for ISC resources and practical tips that make accessing and using Australia’s red meat integrity system easier.

The Stand By What You Sell webinar was hosted by Integrity Systems Company and presented with Northern Territory Government and NT Cattlemen’s Association. It covered:

  • Changes to National Vendor Declarations (NVD)
  • How to start using the faster, easier new eNVD platform
  • Accreditation and audits for Livestock Production Assurance (LPA)
  • Transfers and reconciliations for the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS)
  • Linking all your integrity accounts in one place using myMLA

Integrity System Resources

How to complete an LPA NVD

Get practical tips on filling in the LPA National Vendor Declaration to make sure it’s clear, correct and complete.

Using the faster, easier eNVD

A new mobile-friendly version of the electronic National Vendor Declaration is available. Find out how to start using it – you can even provide feedback for future eNVD updates!


Make life easier and put all of your integrity accounts in one place, with one password.


Get help with record-keeping

Integrity Systems Company has free record-keeping templates for producers so you can make sure you’ve got the right information on file to meet LPA requirements.

Using the NLIS database

Need help navigating the NLIS database? Want to know more about keeping good records for NLIS? ISC has a series of detailed Tech Tips files which can help.

Traceability in the NT

Have questions about Property Identification Codes and the National Livestock Identification System in the NT?

Find out more information at these links:

Links to MLA

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